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We're local

And because we're local we use products designed for central Indiana lawns and weather conditions.

Full service

We offer everything your lawn needs to looks its very best all season long.


The largest Indiana-owned lawn care company, but we're still small enough to provide awesome customer service.

Since 1983

The experience to know all the ups and downs of Indiana lawns and the knowledge to keep them green all summer long.

From the lawn blog

Time to give the lawn mower a tune-up. If you haven’t mowed yet, you will soon, so this weekend may be the perfect time to tune up the lawn mower. This helps reduce emissions as well as provide a better cut, which is...
Lawn Pride Weed of the Week: Ground Ivy Also referred to as Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-the-ground, Cats-foot and Field Balm, Ground Ivy is a perennial broadleaf weed that can be found in moist, well shaded areas, but can also tolerate full sunlight. Ground Ivy thrives throughout the continental United...

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